Remy Rochemont

Professional Coach, Mentor.

independent Supply Chain Expert

Fribourg, Switzerland

Partner for your Endeavours!


Executive  Coaching

Life  Coaching

To get over your next professional or personal Challenge





Supply Chain

Executive Coaching

Support « à la Carte » for your Key-People

Supply Chain


Management Resources


An Expertise and an Experience at your Disposal




You are …

A Private Individual


You need some perspective, a re-boost to get to the next step

Once again you are stuck in your aspirations and your self-confidence has hit the bottom. You have the distinct feeling that you have failed yet again for the same reasons. This can be changed!

Individual Coaching , “Life Coaching”


A Business, an Organisation


You are facing operational challenges and you need now the support of a Supply Chain Expert, or the broader Management expertise of an experienced Executive: Consulting – Supply Chain – Management Resources

Some of your people need development support, alternatively you want them to know that they are a key asset:


About Me

Hi! I am Rémy Rochemont and I’m pleased that you’re having a look at my activities.

I’ve gained solid expertise in the areas of Supply Chain / Operations / Logistics in blue chip companies, across various industries: Automotive Equipment, Consumer goods, Life Science, Chemistry and Operational Consulting.

Throughout 25 years of experience, my technical skills have gradually shifted to General Management expertise.

I hit a turning point in 2006 when I was given the challenge to lead a team of people that were technically far more skilled than me. This new situation forced me to take a step back and think about my role, my real added value, and my development as a leader.  Then I became interested in dynamic team management, motivation, recruitment and talent development.

Without really realising it, I became a mentor and subsequently a coach, as it became clear to me that helping others find their way was indeed the core fulfilment of my life. People recognise my talents in these areas. I decided to go free-lance in 2017 and chose to do things that really matter to me. I have taken further education in order to acquire the tools and theoretical background, and thereby offer a more formalised professional proposition. I am since 2019 Certified Professional Coach (IDC Genève).

Vision / Values / Choosing a Coach

My Vision, my Credo

If we integrate as much as we can the values that drive our lives into our professional style, we will connect with the Companies or Individuals that share those values, and thereby achieve great things together with our Clients. If we share the same view on what really matters, this will help us not only to achieve our goals more easily, but also to have fun in the process.


Freedom: this is a daily challenge, because there is actually far more freedom than we think, if we make the effort and keep an open mind

Simplicity: it forces us to focus on the root cause of things, thus leading to clarity: clear methodology, clear explanations: “What is thought out is clearly expressed” 

Diversity: if we first try to know ourselves better and get our fears of the unknown and what is different under control, we will gain self-respect and be better prepared to take others just as they are

Humility: if we are honest and open about our limits, we are more credible and reliable.

Choosing a Partner, a Coach, a Mentor

Your decision will be made based on a mixture of feeling, compatibility of style, professional background, culture, age, gender and personal choice.

The success of our collaboration is first a matter of trust, but also of certain common values.

I have quite a warm and informal style, but can also be pushy and a bit provocative, although always with the kindest of intentions.

Your objective will end up being mine, and we will prevail!

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