Executive Coaching & Individual Coaching

You are a Business

You are looking for an “Executive Coaching” solution to help some of your managers with their leadership style, or have them emotionally prepared for their next challenges

You are a Private Individual

You are looking for a Partner that helps you take control over a personal blocking point, so that you can leverage your full potential to get to the next level

Reach a specific Objective

  • Take Distance, investigate and identify the underlying Reason leading to this Objective
  • Leverage Coaching Tools to fully use your personal Resources and progress towards the Objective, now re-motivated


Individual Coaching

  • Understand the Values that drive your key Decisions
  • Better integrate these new Values in your future Decisions

Career Transition

  • Rather than jump onto the first Job Offer, allow first that Time to Yourself where you understand your deep Aspirations, your Needs and your current Values
  • Identify the Type of Activity that best matches those deep Aspirations and recall the relevant inner Resources to get there

Executive Coaching / Mentoring

  • Identify the personal Implications arising from new Business Challenges
  • Flex the Leadership Style of the Manager and leverage Team’s Potential, while keeping him authentic
  • Implement Coaching Posture to improve Communication and drive Change
  • Get prepared for the next Career Move (See Mentoring)

What is Coaching?

My Definition
Coaching is a supporting process focused on an individual. This process aims to have this person become more autonomous so that he / she reaches an objective or concretises a personal desire in order to improve his / her quality of life, be it at professional or personal level.
New imperatives for Executive Coaching
Businesses nowadays do not only expect external resources that provides Coaching expertise, but people that should have concrete business experience and are also well-groomed to internal Corporate dynamics. My biography
Executive Coaching <-> Personal Coaching
Private and Professional lives are nowadays so mixed-up and inter-act so much that one can question the relevance for splitting between those 2 types of coaching. Differences reside essentially within the type of objective to be set and the level of enforcement to reach it. The end-customer is also distinct: it is either a business, an organization for their own people (Executive Coaching) or a private individual (Individual Coaching)

 Coaching Objectives

Getting to know yourself better
Making the decision to embark on a coaching process is all about diving deep into yourself. As you do so, you identify the key inner resources that help you navigate better in an ever-changing world. You rediscover your own potential and identify the values that drive you and that influence the strategic decisions that you make in life.
Aligning your Actions with your real Needs
Coaching enables you to be clearer about when to say “Yes”, and when it would be better to say “No”.  During the process you will gradually realise how to act in a way that corresponds to your deepest aspirations. This will improve your professional integration, and hence your quality of life.
Adjust One’s Behaviour first, and then influence Others’
Understand the reasons that trigger the behaviour of a single individual or a group of people, this is actively putting oneself in others’ shoes. By changing our point of view on others, by modifying first our behaviour and our communication, we shall in turn provoke on their side that behavioural change that we expect: “You can delegate everything, but example!”

Autonomy and Enthusiasm
In other words, through coaching you will gain in personal autonomy. You will understand the conditions for your success, in particular in taking responsibility for the unknown and risky consequences of your actions. This new responsible ownership is a trigger for motivation and enthusiasm.
Those who can prove their personal autonomy will be offered new professional opportunities.

What are the Benefits of Coaching?

1. Set an Objective and pave the Future

There is a set target but also an underlying reason why you want to improve, even if not immediately obvious: quite often lack of recognition or low self-esteem need to be addressed

2. Overcome your self-imposed Limitations

Learn how to identify and manage the inner voice that often jeopardises your best intentions, your will to act, dare or change, but at the same time can be a real protective asset if you allow it the right place

3. Crest the Wave of daily Events

By addressing the events that happen to you between sessions, but without losing sight of your original objective

4. Increase Self-Esteem

As you reconnect with your true strengths, you will see some situations in a new way and dare to make decisions that were previously unthinkable. As a result your self-esteem will steadily increase

5. Become autonomous

You now understand how to call on all your newly recollected inner resources and work out your own solution.

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